A.wordsmith Communications


all heart, no flash.

Right off the plane, we hopped to the site with our suitcases and cans of mural juice. Ready to shine on and paint.

This first mural is the first statement piece that rests in the foyer of the office. This is the initial welcoming space for the incoming clients and employees. Having a mural in your office space can help boost employee morale by serving as a daily reminder of the mission. For incoming clients, it adds a story and intriguing conversation piece to welcome them. We chose a muted but exciting color scheme for this piece that matches perfectly to the rest of the space. The blue and white compliment each other and contrast well with the peach throughout. We work before the first person gets in, and don’t leave until the job is done.

This project is a perfect example of why it’s so important to display ONLY the finished product in client deliverables. Initially, we had planned on only one mural for A.wordsmith. However, once we showed the options in the deliverables, they loved our designs so much that they wanted us to paint two! When we show examples of our work to the client, we never show beginning sketches or progress work. Showing the client finished work and mock ups is the professional way to go. We only deliver excellence to our clients. Nothing less. The second mural is displayed in the office working space where most of the employees dwell. Speaking of a mantra for excellence, it’s constant reminder for the daily work vibe at A.wordsmith. With all your heart, slay the day away.

A.wordsmith was an absolute pleasure to work with, and they gave us the most hospitality! Check them out on instagram @awordsmithcomm.