Love the fight.

The three murals we designed for BoxFit San Diego were inspired by Muhammad Ali, also known as “The Greatest”. After careful planning and revision, we decided the copy had to fit perfectly with the studio’s vibe. So, we went with “Keep Punching” to rest behind the punching bags. When the class is feeling like they’ve given it their all, the mural exists to keep them motivated.

The second mural is a perfect backdrop behind the TRX workout station. Because it says “Love the Fight”, it’s a reminder for the class to enjoy the struggle! The color palette is mainly blacks, grays, and a bit of yellow from the equipment. Furthermore, we chose a similar range of color in the designs. And this color scheme was complimented by a block-style lettering for most of the copy.

For contrast we incorporated a free-flowing, distressed style lettering. “Float + Sting” comes from the infamous line, “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” from the late Muhammad Ali. The reference should be easily recognizable, but different so it captures the attention of the viewer. As quotes can become lost in the design, we decided to keep it short and sweet.

So go on and get inspired! Our murals at BoxFit San Diego are inside the business, but take a walk by and see it! 4101 30th St., San Diego, CA 92104