Coronado Brewing


Stay coastal, San Diego.

This mural was commissioned by Coronado Brewing Co. for their bottling facility and tasting room in San Diego. Nestled in the Bay Park community, our mural is big enough to draw in people from the freeway! Probably, our biggest so far, we planned a five-piece project on the 100 ft. by 35 ft. for the facility. In contrast, the only project nearly as big was definitely the Smile Mural downtown San Diego.

While we painted, there were plenty of viewers excited to see the finished product. Even our process creates buzz around the business. Seeing us working on the project gets people excited to see the end result. Furthermore, it brings customers into the business to chat about the excitement. Many were eager to know when the party was, so they could attend and see the wall. The 22nd Anniversary Party was an event to commemorate the brand, and our mural was a perfect way to compliment that.

Although our murals can be done for an event, they can stay permanently. Murals have a great way of bringing people in to the space with something they can identify with. Also, the cool color scheme is reflective of the sea-worthy vibe that Coronado represents. With over 20 gallons of paint to aid us in the process, we knocked it out in just under six days. We’re happy to know that our mural entertains the patrons of Coronado Brewing. Ultimately, their patio is now one of the best spots in San Diego to hangout, get some beers and tasty food. Go check it out and see for yourself! Tag us, we’d love to see you! 

Coronado Brewing Co.
1205 Knoxville St. 

San Diego, CA 92110