Flower Hill


First of all, Flower Hill Promenade is not your ordinary shopping center, they are one of the cool ones. Located in Del Mar, California, Flower Hill is one of our favorite spots in San Diego! Yet another mural in our hometown of San Diego, and it’s nothing but good vibes. So naturally, for our hometown, we worked on putting together nothing short of the best. Because the message in mural is simple and sweet, it’s super easy to vibe in the space.

Because Promenade has a broad demographic of shoppers, we wanted something that would appeal to all. Also, we put a lot into analyzing the surrounding space to fit seamlessly. Certainly, we’re paying close attention to the verbiage. Furthermore, as everyone loves being around good vibes, we definitely went with a good choice! If you’re looking for a to shop with good vibes and a colorful backdrop for Instagram photos, Flower Hill Promenade is your go to.

Go visit the mural for yourself and take lots and lots of photos! Put this into your GPS to get you to the land of good vibes (only) :
Flower Hill Promenade
2720 Via De La Valle
Del Mar, CA 92014