Lululemon - Fashion Valley Murals


Client: Lululemon, Fashion Valley
Location: San Diego, CA

Yoga-inspired athletic company commissions a mural piece for inspiration inside their newly constructed location in San Diego.

love yourself.

Lululemon Athletica launched a new location in San Diego’s Fashion Valley Mall and commissioned us for two walls. We put together two designs, one for interior and one exterior. Here, we studied their demographic and the copy we chose for this wall speaks to them. “Your outlook on life is a direct reflection of how much you love yourself”. Not only does this speak to their target demographic, but it speaks to their hard working staff. Every day, their employees can come to work and see this reminder of self-love.

Brands like Lululemon are good at representing a wholesome, healthy lifestyle. So, we wanted to reflect that in the message for this interior design mural. The color scheme we chose was one you can get lost in. It doesn’t steal away the attention from the merchandise or store experience, but it compliments it. Customers see the message of self-love, and it makes them feel good. Feeling good in Lululemon isn’t hard to do, with all of their cute merchandise, but our mural enhances each guests experience. This mural is enlightening, and you can’t help but smile after reading it.

Now the mural is a centerpiece for a beautiful store in a beautiful mall. May the words serve as a reminder for all who see it to love themselves, and see the world in a loving way as well.