Murals for A.wordsmith Communications – Portland

Murals for A.wordsmith Communications – Portland

In the heart of downtown Portland lies the beautiful boutique communications firm by the name of A.wordsmith. We put up two murals in their historic office this week.

Right off the plane, we hopped over to the site with our suitcases and cans of paint. Ready to shine on and paint.

This first mural is the first statement piece that rests well in the foyer of the office. This is the initial welcoming space for the incoming clients and employees. Having a mural in your office space can help boost employee morale by serving as a daily reminder of the mantra that the workplace collective thrives on.

The second mural piece is displayed in the office working space where most of the employees dwell throughout their workday. Speaking of a mantra for diligence, this one is a constant reminder for the daily work vibe. With all your heart, slay the day away.

A.wordsmith was an absolute pleasure to work with, and they gave us the most hospitality!


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August 16, 2018