Coronado Brewing Co. 22nd Anniversary

Coronado Brewing Co. 22nd Anniversary

This mural was commissioned by Coronado Brewing Co. for their bottling facility and tasting room in Bay Park, San Diego, CA. This wall was painted as a five piece mural on the 100 ft. by 35 ft. backside of the facility.

Over the course of 6 days, we put in plenty of work to tackle this beast. While we painted, there were plenty of viewers excited to see the finished product.

Coronado Brewing Co. commissioned this mural in honor of their 22nd Anniversary. To commemorate the anniversary, Coronado Brewing hosted a party with live music, tacos, and of course, some classic tasty brews.

Through the heat wave, and the aches and pains from painting for over 10 hours on a hot day, we were able to get this mural done with just over 20 gallons of paint! and it was well worth it.

1205 Knoxville St. San Diego, CA 92110