Flower Hill Promenade – San Diego, CA

Flower Hill Promenade – San Diego, CA

We want all the vibes — the good ones only.

Flower Hill is not just your ordinary shopping center in Del Mar, California, they are one of the cool ones. Another mural in our hometown of San Diego, and we couldn’t be any more joyed to do it! We’re all about the good vibes–namaste.

The message is simple and sweet, bold and direct to send out the good vibrations to the patrons of Flower Hill. There is no other message to be heard by none other than this unique shopping experience that is Flower Hill Promenade.

We love the little details that we get to add into each space we get to mural! This color palette is fresh, exciting and bold–just like our friends at the Promenade. Go visit the mural for yourself and take lots and lots of photos! Put this into your GPS to get you to the land of good vibes (only) :

2720 Via De La Valle
Del Mar, CA 92014