Irvine Spectrum Center Expansion

Irvine Spectrum Center Expansion

Relishing in the OC love!

Once again we were commissioned by the wonderful Irvine Spectrum Center to add some brightness to their already gorgeous space.

This shopping center is already the size of a small town, but they are expanding!

Bright neon, and a fun but simple phrase to go with the summer-y vibe that is the Irvine Spectrum Center. The palm trees, ferris wheel, and carousel all represent that relaxed and happy-go-lucky summer attitude that Orange County effortlessly represents.

The newest addition to ISC opens to the public August 18, 2017. There will be many new stores opening up like a two story Sephora, Denim Lab, Afters Ice Cream and many more!

Instead of a boring “Coming Soon” sign for their unleased or unfinished storefronts, Spectrum decided to have some gorgeous photo engagement opportunities added.

A brilliant marketing strategy, if you ask us. No one likes to see an empty space with the overused phrase letting us know that some arbitrary business will be there within some, uh, sort of timeframe.

The idea of bringing engagement to a spot that hasn’t already been marked by a store is efficient because it brings customers and prospects into a space before there is something to bring them there. The mural is designed to attract their target demographic and also bring them into the newly leased spaces before they are existing.

Gather round, tell us all your worst (but, definitely the best) painting stories.

Stop by and come feel the OC LOVE!  Irvine Spectrum is hosting their Endless Summer Series to celebrate their new expansion, taking place August 18, at 670 Spectrum Center Drive, Irvine, CA 92618.