Major Level Creative Connect 2018

Major Level Creative Connect 2018

Sports, Creative Talks, Chicago Bears, and big talks.
Speaking at the Major Level Creative Connect was a major level success.

How do you talk to an audience of over 300 major level creatives about the power of engagement? Easy. Imagine everyone in their underwear. Just kidding, you do exactly what we did.

We jetted off from San Diego to Chicago, Illinois earlier this week to meet up with the professional creatives in the Major Level sports industry. Aside from busting some moves on the dance floor, and taking a walk on Soldier’s Field, we wore our professional hats and got down to business.

The 8′ x 8′ mural was done on wooden panels, it was a free standing structure in the center of the conference. We were painting on the second floor while the rest of the conference was popping off with merchandise vendors, and most importantly, people taking breaks between sessions to be entertained by the live painting we were doing.

Not to toot the ol’ horn, but …the only people painting at the Major Level Connect? Talk about a game changer.

Above all, we had the best time meeting all of the creatives in the major level sports industry. Because we were able to get out of our creative scope and meet people outside of our industry, we were given a peek into what it’s like to work in-house for the big guys like the San Diego Padres, the Chicago Cubs, Cleveland Cavaliers and more.

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