Veronika Grechman


She’s got our back, we’ve got hers. Veronika Grechman is a San Diego based photographer who we’ve worked with previously. She came to us with an idea, and we were inspired by the fun scenarios in her work. Naturally, we translated that into her logo and branding. Logos are the main visual connection to a brand. It represents your entire business in one visual piece. Needless to say, without it, your clientele has no visual to tie in their association of your brand. Branding is important! We want clients to see our logo anywhere, and think of their favorite times with us.

At Pandr, we pride ourselves in offering options that our client can choose from. This means, we are only presenting finished work! We offered Veronika several finished versions of this package. Additionally, we present a variety of color schemes that will format well on any surface, while holding quality and clarity. Further, designing a logo takes a great deal of consideration. Moreover, we take into account that the logo and branding package is fit for all mediums. The work we’re presenting is the highest resolution possible! In result, you want the branding package to be the glue that holds the brand together.

Conclusively, we decided on the sophisticated and clean logo branding package for Veronika. Also, this logo offers enough room for negative space. The lettering we designed is seamless and imaginative. It lets the viewer fill in the spaces themselves. As a result, our package is the solid design that’s sure to stand out. We know it will increase exposure for Veronika’s flourishing business.

See Veronika’s work here!