Pandr Design Co. is a boutique design studio based in Southern California.

We specialize in creating custom art pieces that boost the social media presence of a business. We work in a wide variety of mediums and methods and are known for our murals that have bright color palettes and unique letterforms.

No matter the size of a business, we can help spread your message via unapologetic, bold statement pieces. We’ve worked with companies such as Red Bull, Kenneth Cole, AMC, Westfield, Bumble, San Diego Padres, and we’d love to work with you!



Creative Director & Founder

California native and California burrito lover, Roxy Prima is the co-founder of Pandr Design Co. She is a trained graphic designer that ditched her office job of sitting behind a computer screen everyday for a pencil and a paint brush. She knew she wanted to start her own business, but it didn’t seem possible until she met Phoebe. When she’s not painting walls or drunkenly interviewing her idols on her podcast, she spends her time traveling, eating popcorn, and coming up with the next crazy venture for the Pandr team.


Creative Director & Founder

Phoebe originally hails from Philadelphia but you wouldn’t know it by looks of her beachy hair. After graduating from design school on the east coast, Phoebe landed in San Diego and worked as a designer in the action sports industry. Eventually she created San Diego Letters with Roxy and the two have worked as a team every since. In between designing and painting murals, Phoebe can be found running, hiking, laying on the beach, or downing a bean and cheese burrito. She is also known for her sarcasm and incredible ability to laugh at her own jokes.



The creative directors of Pandr (Roxy Prima and Phoebe Cornog) produce, edit, broadcast and host the infamous podcast, Drunk on Lettering. This podcast has quickly become recognized as the worlds best drunk, lettering podcast in the history of podcasts. Each week the duo interviews a designer and/or letterer drunkenly over the internet, with the intent of getting to know the personalities behind the work of the world’s most talented creatives. It’s 33.3% informative, 33.3% ridiculous, and 33.3% cheese talk. You can listen to all of the episodes on iTunes or SoundCloud.




Pop Up Crop | Portland, OR | Aug 16, 2018

MLC Connect  |  Chicago, IL  |  June 2018

Loyola University | New Orleans, LA | April 2018

Crop Confrence | Baton Rouge, LA | April  2018

AIGA Student Conference | St. Louis, MO | Feb 2018

Typism | Gold Coast, AUS | September  2017

Mingei International Art Museum | San Diego, CA | Sept 2017

FIDM | San Diego, CA | Aug  2017

Balboa Park | San Diego, CA | July 2017

Lady Killas | San Diego, CA | June 2017

Summit Series | Powder Mountain, UT | Feb 2017

SDSU/AIGA | San Diego, CA | Oct 2016