Albuquerque Mural Fest


Client: Albuquerque Mural Fest
Location: Albuquerque, NM

Well behaved?

Nah. Not for us. Because we had the opportunity for complete freedom with this project, we chose one of our favorite quotes! The Albuquerque Mural Fest is a the great way for cultivating community engagement. Furthermore, it creates networking among businesses, associations and individuals! This can have meaning to anyone. Being well behaved just doesn’t give you history-making cred.

Firstly, as a women owned business, we hope to inspire others with this mural in Albuquerque. This mural was placed Downtown alongside other amazing pieces. This mural sits on the side wall of High and Dry Brewery. Get ready for big scale! This beauty is 25’x11′. We’re striving to spread positive messages as big as we can! And whenever we can, really. Actually, we’re loving this quote because it’s the inspiring push a lot of us could hear. Mural Fest was the best outlet for this expression!

The colored corner on this mural gives it a great sense of perspective for the viewer, as it creates a sense of depth that keeps the viewer engaged. Due to the surrounding landscapes neutral color scheme, we chose our favorite colors. In contrast to the natural colored surrounding space, we wanted it to be eye-catching. Also, to compliment the powerful quote, we used complimentary hues. While we were painting, High and Dry Brewing was busy brewing the official beer for the 2018 Mural Fest. Pandr Pale Ale, and part of the proceeds went to funding Mural Fest. Next time you plan on visiting Albuquerque, you’ve got to check out our wall and get inspired! Ultimately, you haven’t visited Albuquerque properly until you’ve gotten a beer from High and Dry and taken a photo in front of our mural.

Visit the mural! Tag us so we can see you! It’s at High and Dry Brewing, 529 Adams Street, Albuquerque, NM 87108