NGIN Workspace Cambridge


Oh, hello!

The mural we put together for NGIN workplace is aimed at creating a pop of color in the entrance. While the local spot offers a sense of entrepreneur community, our mural directly compliments that. With the warm, sophisticated color palette and muted gold lettering, this mural is a sure standout! Office murals make a significant difference by livening up the space, creating a fun and inviting story for the space. Let the mural tell the story for your brand, and enhance the overall look and feel of your offices.

Having a mural in the office space is the best way to convey a your attention to detail for new guests. Murals serve as an attention grabber. A conversation piece, if you will. Also, its meant to draw the eye, keeping people interested. Furthermore, murals are meant to extend the amount of time clients spend enjoying the space. Providing pride to the tenants that use the spaces, and value for the incoming partners, our murals reflect our clients. We do our best to have them shine in their best light. We plan accordingly by closely examining the color scheme of the rest of the space. Then, we come up with different options to choose from in a mock up version of the wall.

The warm color palette of this mural is invigorating and inspires a revolutionary mindset for tenants. Rather than displaying the company’s mission statement, we recommend to keep it simple. The message is an easy read, and pleasing to the viewer’s eye. We are always striving for copy that is motivating, and fits to any moment or occasion for the space.

Above all, our team focuses intently on reflecting the company’s best assets in the mural. We do the work, and your company benefits years ahead.

Take a look for yourself at 210 Broadway Cambridge, MA 02139.