Biofreeze at Dodgers Stadium


We run LA.

We had such a fun time painting the freestanding mural for Biofreeze at the AT&T Stadium in San Francisco, that we decided it’d be a good idea to paint another in L.A. When we think of fast pain relief, we think of Biofreeze. This freestanding mural for them is all hand painted live. So, people walking by and spectating the process keeps it engaging! We are super thankful for Biofreeze who hit a home run on our painting ailments.

Furthermore, live murals are a great source of entertainment for attendees. Ultimately, the goal is to drive captivating moments that turn into memories. These memories then turn into social media moments! Then, guests think of how much fun they had when they see or use Biofreeze. The demographic we’re focusing on for this mural is sport-centered. We are always thinking of the viewer demographic when planning murals. Similarly, we strategically plan for what imagery we use. We opted for using the Dodgers official seal, some classic sport shoe references, and the copy, “We Run LA”.

We loved painting both murals for Biofreeze. There’s something about being out in the middle of the event and being able to see the fans at the stadium engaging in our mural. As we paint, we love seeing the viewer’s get excited about what we’re doing.