Biofreeze at The Giant Race


Worry Less, Run More.

Because Biofreeze is a fast acting, long lasting pain relief treatment, they were perfect to sponsor this event! Our mural in San Fransisco at AT&T Stadium is completely freehand. So, the challenge definitely kept it fun and interesting! We are super thankful for Biofreeze who hit a home run on our painting ailments!

Additionally, The Giants Race a family event. We’re honored to have some special guests enjoying the Biofreeze mural at Giants Stadium. The kids had a great time posing in front of the mural. They Run SF! This mural is similar to another we did for Biofreeze at Dodgers Stadium in L.A. 

Furthermore, live murals are a great source of entertainment for guests. Ultimately, the goal is to drive engaging moments that turn into memories. These memories then turn into fun social media moments! Then, guests think of how much fun they had at the race when they see or use Biofreeze. The demographic we’re focusing on for this mural is sport-centered. We are always thinking of the viewer demographic when planning murals. Similarly, we strategically plan for what verbiage will be used to engage them! In this case, using words for momentum and power was the most appropriate.