Haven Collective


Together, we shine.

Chic, professional, and empowering. Because as a company, that is what Haven Collective stands for. After we found Haven Collective in Columbus, Ohio we knew that working together would make us all shine brighter. Haven Collective is exactly what it sounds like; a collective of inspiring individuals thriving on productivity! How does it get any better than that? That’s where we come in.

Coworking spaces are a rising trend in 2018, and so are interior murals. We are always thrilled to collaborate on an indoor mural because we know the value it adds to a business. We focus interior murals in such a way that it inspires the entire space. Because we’ve found how valuable interior murals are to a business, we truly enjoy designing them.

Not just a coworking space, Haven Collective also hosts a plethora of events. So they hosted our Lettering Workshop while we were in Columbus. Hosting events is a great way to invite new guests into the space to show off your mural!

Conclusively, we’re thrilled to provide Haven Collective with a daily reminder for success and optimism.