What’s Up East Village!

HI ~ hello ~ HOLA


Client: Ladies Who Paint
Location: East Village, San Diego
July 2019

As part of our promotion effort for Ladies Who Paint we brought this MASSIVE mural to life on the side of this building in East Village. The goal of Ladies Who Paint is to bring more visibility to female muralists and bring their artwork to East Village so it was perfect for us to spend fours days painting this beauty a couple months before our event which is Sept 28 - Oct 5, 2019. We got a great chance to connect with the community and we were featured on NBC!

This huge mural will serve residents and visitors of east village as a photo backdrop, and bring smiles to the faces of the 18,000 cars that pass daily.

By empowering women artists and beautifying the City of San Diego, we are hopeful that Ladies Who Paint will make a lasting impact on the community in San Diego and abroad.

Visit the mural! Tag us so we can see you! #ladieswhopaint
It’s at 1466 F St. San Diego, CA 92101