River Oaks Shopping Center - With Love

with love from river oaks mural in houston

We can’t say , we love Houston enough times!

Client: River Oaks Shopping Center
Location: Weingarten Realty
September 2019

Pandr Collective Painter: Joseph Swec

This is our 9th mural in Houston and we LOVE it! Working with the River Oaks Weingarten team we came up with this concept that features not one, but three photo moments, with classic Houston imagery.

This mural is a great example of utilizing a half and half strategy where the top half of the mural is simple (less expensive) and the bottom half is much more complex but the two parts blend seamlessly together!

This mural, painted in one of our favorite pallets, starts with the iconic Houston skyline and it followed by lots of the things we love about Houston!


Check this beauty out! Tag us so we can see you! It’s at 2042 Peden St Houston, TX 77019