MOCA Mural


Hello, Tucson!

Although the museum is contemporary, our mural is here to stay. We were offered a job within the interior walls of the MOCA in Tucson, Arizona. This color scheme is one of our favorites! While we chose a bold, warm floral palette, we wanted match the southwestern landscape. Additionally, the lettering style we chose for this mural is for complimenting the bright color scheme. Therefore, we designed the capital letters to be attention-grabbing and exciting to the viewer! Having a mural in a contemporary art museum keeps the brand of the museum consistent. Having an inspiring, consistent branding scheme works well for the business and the guests, too! People love walking into a space that proves well thought out planning and design.

Moreover, we love working with bright colors and stripes because they are a sure way to keep the viewer engaged. We liked contrasting the bold elements with soft floral touches in between the letters. We had fun playing with the patterns in the letter designs! Also, going from a bright pink to bright orange, was a great contrast to the navy blue. Also, we were striving to bring in the Tucson sun into this space. The mural is attractive to the eye and really draws the viewer in to engage with the space. When viewers engage with a wall, they are eager to share it on social media and put it on the map. Now, people from all over search for murals to take pictures with in a way to share the inspiring piece!

This mural exists in the space of Museum of Contemporary Art at 265 South Church Avenue – Tucson, AZ 85701