Movement Strategy


Workplace Casual.

Hand-painted Employee Enthusiasm.

Enjoy the journey! One of our favorite things about doing murals is the transformation of a fresh canvas into a piece that will be on display for others. Above all, at their place of work! Murals in the office are a perfect way for boosting employee morale. Furthermore, we know the importance of keeping employees and clients inspired. Also, cultivating a healthy company culture is a big part of why we do interior office murals. There’s something about walking into your place of business with a mural on display. It serves as a constant reminder to persevere the work day. Each time you look at the mural, you can’t help but get inspired. Go check out our other project at A.wordsmith for more proof on this subject!

Additionally, this piece deserves a special Thank You to our creatively awesome friend. Sandra Vanhooser of @thewoodchickcolorado worked on putting together this amazing 8’x8′ wooden canvas. As we are not in the woodworking industry, she really helped us here! Because we are based out of San Diego, it is very helpful to have talented friends that are willing to help out. And as creative entrepreneurs, it’s great meeting like-minded artists that love collaborating! Shoutout to Instagram for facilitating that connection!

Above all, it’s always a pleasure traveling to a new state and completing a mural that inspires the team to work hard and give it their all. Super big shoutout to our friends at Movement Strategy, for letting us paint their wall. Employees are 1,000% more enthusiastic for their Mondays.