Irvine Spectrum Center

Irvine Spectrum Center

Don’t take candy from strangers. Smile at them instead.

As a staple of Irvine for over forty years, Irvine Spectrum Center has been a welcoming space for entertainment, shopping, and bright Orange County experiences. The existing beige color scheme was begging to be drenched with a mural that has a bright splash of positivity. Even the ferris wheel is no match to the whirling floral visual this mural offers.

To appeal to the target demographic, the mural is comprised of a contrasting color scheme, and floral pops accompanied by simple, and harmonious copy. The charming visual message draws the eye in, leading bystanders to become engaged with the mural. An affirmative call to smile at strangers makes this a key spot for memorable photo-op moments.

Smile at a stranger! Check it out yourself!
The mural is located at Luna Grill at Irvine Spectrum Center (524 Spectrum #602, Irvine, CA 92618) 




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June 6, 2018