San Diego Tourism Smile Mural


Client: San Diego Tourism
Location: Downtown San Diego

Smile! You’re in San Diego!

We’re all smiles when we got word we’d be painting a mural for San Diego Tourism! #Happinessiscalling made its way onto our wall, and we couldn’t agree more. Over the course of four days, we worked on this mural to inspire Downtown San Diego. With the gorgeous San Diego weather, how could we keep from smiling? We feel incredibly thankful to paint such a fun, colorful piece for our hometown!

Initially, this instagram worthy piece was commissioned for a commercial for San Diego Tourism. Because we’re local artists, we were prime candidates for this project. As one of our larger street art projects, this mural is second to our Coronado Brewing Co. mural in Bay Park, San Diego. Next time you’re in Downtown San Diego, go visit it! With over 1,100 sq. ft., there’s plenty of space to smile in front of it.

Due to the neutral colors of the downtown landscape, we chose an analogous color scheme to contrast. The vibrant, colorful backdrop works for anyone that poses next to it. Furthermore, the smile alongside the colors induces a natural feeling of happiness just by looking at it! All natural smiles here. How can you not smile? There’s sunshine, beautiful weather, and the liveliest color scheme at the largest scale!

Bright colors, sunshine, and a gentle reminder of where we’re all at! We hope that our mural will inspire others to live in the present moment. Whether the viewer is just visiting, or taking a stroll on their lunch break, we hope you see it and smile from ear to ear. We sure do!

A very special thank you to Adam Gonzalez (@topnotchsignco) for coming out to help us! Go check him out. Seriously.

So where can you go to visit this 22’x54′ smile?  Our mural is located on 1st Ave and C Street in Downtown San Diego. Be sure to post it on your socials because #happinessiscalling from #pandrmurals and #sdmurals! We want to see you!