We always suggest using brushes with wooden handles. This is our favorite set that comes in a variety of sizes!


Paint Can Opener

Gotta get those lids open! We like to keep ours handy at all times!



This tape is good for details, straight lines, and covering up trim, door handles, outlets, etc.



Sometimes you need a lot of tape! Doesn’t hurt to have extra on hand!



Regular tape isn’t going to work on surfaces like raw brick, cement, stucco, cinder block, etc. This heavy duty tape will work on any tough surface!


Drop cloth

We like to use a canvas drop cloth because it’s reusable, easy to transport, and works great!


Plastic drop cloths

Plastic drop cloths are good for jobs out of town or when you don’t have space to store a canvas drop cloth.


Large Plastic drop cloth

If you’re working on a long wall, we suggest using a long drop cloth. This baby is 50 ft long and heavy duty!



Rollers are great for filling in big blocks of color! 9 in roller is perfect for a standard or large wall. And this pack comes with two rollers and the handle. Sweet deal.



Make sure you have a paint tray for every color you want to roll!


Reusable PAINT ROLLER Tray

This kind of tray is great if you want to reuse your trays. Just wait for the paint to dry and you can peel out the extra!


Paint roller extender

This guy will screw onto the bottom of your roller to give you an extra 3 feet if you need it! Comes in handy with tall walls.


HEavy duty Paint roller extender

This guy will screw onto the bottom of your roller to give you an extra 4 - 8 feet if you need it! If you’re working on a really large surface, this will save you time!


Paint Cups

These are perfect for muraling. We recommend using while you’re working on a ladder instead of trying to balance a paint can (BAD IDEA). These are also great if you need to mix colors.


Water Bucket

Water bucket is a must have for muraling! Fill your bucket with a few inches of water and add your brushes as they get dirty and you don’t need them so they don’t dry out.



This is a brush saver!! Brushes dry out super fast! If you need to take a break, wrap the top of your brush in some plastic wrap and it will keep the paint from drying out. Super easy way to save your brushes.



This is the projector we use for large scale projecting. It takes a little while to get the hang of it, but once you do it’s pretty easy! You can plug into your computer via HDMI and adjust the artwork in Photoshop so it’s perfectly placed on the wall. This is not the best projector for traveling (easier one below). But it does work great in low light so it doesn’t have to be completely dark to see.



This is the projector is good if you’re still on a budget. It will last you a long time and get the job done, but it doesn’t project as large scale. This is great if you’re working interior on small to medium size walls!



This is a great starter projector! It’s not very expensive and it works. It has to be really dark in order to see the projection, and it’s not going to be very big, but when you’re starting out it’s great. You can upgrade when you’re ready to invest more into your muraling!



Another must have tool! Chalk is the best thing to use to get your design on the wall. Unless the wall is white, then you need to use a pencil. Chalk is easy because it washes off with water and a wash cloth.



Rags are great for wiping off chalk, and cleaning paint. You want to use cloth, as opposed to paper towels, because paper towels leave annoying little particles on your art!



In order to make sure your design is on the wall the right size and scale, you’ve got to measure. This guy measures up to 25ft!



We are not perfectionist and are okay with just eye balling, but we know not everyone is! So this guy is really handy for making sure your straight lines are in fact straight!



Ain’t nobody got time to fall off a sketchy ladder!! That’s why we ALWAYS work on an a-frame ladder. Two sides on the ground gives you a lot more stability. This is the one we have and it is great! It extends so you can get up real high. It fits in both our cars (KIA soul and Mini Cooper) so you know it’s compact. This one goes up to 22 feet! Yay!


Medium Ladder

If you don’t need to get up super high, this is the ladder for you. Again, these legs extend so it can be taller or shorter depending on the wall. It maxes out at 13 feet so it works for most regular walls. Really easy to bring around and not too heavy to carry!



If you only need a few extra feet, a step stool is the best thing to use!



We made the mistake of not hammering down our paint can lids and spilling gallons of paint in our cars so you don’t have to! Cannot stress enough that paint can lids need to be hammered down before traveling in your car.