Tits & Tats


Raising money in support of survivors, caregivers and those currently beating breast cancer!

Lady Killas is an amazing female owned-and-operated organization that focuses on growing female leadership in the workplace. For the fundraiser, we teamed up with Nick Moultrie (@stickmadeproducts) and created this freestanding mural. This was their 2nd annual fundraiser, and it was great to be a part of it! A portion of the proceeds comes from the artists and 100% of the raffle is going straight to the cause. As female artists running a female owned-and-operated business, donating this mural is an honor. Events like this one really mean a lot to us, so we can play an active role in a supporting movement.

The donations for this fundraiser went to the awesome cause, Breast Cancer Angels. Breast Cancer Angels exists to provide support for the women undergoing treatments. They offer their services to provide temporary financial assistance to the women affected by breast cancer.

Above all, having a mural at the event provides attendees an opportunity to get engaged with the event. The larger the mural, the more memorable it is for those involved. Additionally, we specialize in creating moments for guests to immerse themselves in. When people can get engaged, and make memories, they are more likely to get involved with other events that have murals. Ultimately, it all comes down to memorable engagement. Also, the more engaging the piece is for the guest, the more it will stick out in their minds! If the piece sticks out in their minds, they’re more likely to return for the next event. Additionally, murals are bound to be a memorable experience, as it’s not every day you see a large art piece being painted.

In addition, this event collaborated with female tattoo artists with custom flash tattoos. Alongside tattoo acquiring, we were thrilled to work side-by-side with other female entrepreneurs. Ultimately, the event is inspiring those who have been affected by the cause and inspire others to get involved. We look forward to donating again, and collaborating with other events like this.